The Head of IFC’s operations in Ukraine.Ms. Voloshina coordinates the work performed by IFC in Ukraine. She carries out investment promotion as well as work on certain investment projects. She is also actively involved in the work of advisory donor-funded programs that IFC is implementing across Ukraine. Prior to her appointment in December 1996, Ms. Voloshina occupied the position of Deputy Project Manager and then Project Manager for IFC’s Small-Scale Privatization Project (1994 - 1996) supervising the work of consultants on small-scale privatization in 18 cities of Ukraine and coordinating IFC relations with the Ukrainian Government at all levels. Ms. Voloshina began her career with IFC in 1992 when IFC first launched its operation in Ukraine. During her tenure at IFC up to present, Ms. Voloshina has served a number of various positions which enabled her to acquire extensive experience in consulting on a wide range of privatization and investment related issues.