2010 - current time: Director of Suzirja company Group. Lead operation and strategic directions in all companies activities: distribution, production and retail. Let the company to overcome most challenging crises years of 2014-2015 in Ukraine, not only adjusting but developing new concepts,  increasing market share in distribution, retail and production. Start to export company products to EU.
2008-2010 Vice-director of Suzirja company Group with responsibility for developing retail chain MasterZoo, the only national petshop chain in Ukraine. Under my leadership 30 stores in 2 years were opened, including 5 franchised stores.
2006-2008 Head of Import Department of Suzirya company Group. Operational and strategic work with Europen suppliers, developing long term plans and bugets for UA pet market.
2003-2006 Parallel to post graduated study worked as import manager at Suzirya company Group.
Operation work including negotiation conditions, logistic and custom clearance procedures.
Graduate of DYB | Advisory Board.